10 SEO Hacks


1. Always complete your Onsite SEO first.

2. Sign up for the Google Search console

3. Go for the Long tail Keywords not the major term

3.  When you start to rank for a term analyze long tail keywords around your main key word term (that already may be a long tail keyword) and begin to create content around these sub topics.

4. Boost your search results on other search engines like DuckDuckGo

5.  Have a You Tube Channel – Videos are a powerful traffic tool and you don’t need to go on Camera.

6. Use Social Media – Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram etc – but only start when you have the time and energy to build one of these up properly.

7.  Be consistent in your your content creation on your Blog – be it writing, video or audio.

8.  Ensure your link building anchor text is in the right proportions

9.  Use Competitor research to discover more linking opportunities

10. NEVER, NEVER try to cheat the system!!

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